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Freight forwarders and carriers lability insurance

Liability insurance protects freight forwarders and carriers against claims from customers, government agencies and third parties that suffer losses and damages during the provision of transport and logistics services. It also covers a range of extra costs associated with transport incidents.

We offer “all risks” insurance coverage, i.e. the “principle of unspecified risks”, where liability for the cargo is covered regardless of the reasons for its occurrence.

Standard insurance coverage includes the following risks:

  • liability for damage and loss of the customer’s cargo, including consequential losses;
  • responsibility for errors and omissions of employees resulting in financial losses for the customer;
  • third party liability including property, personal injury/death and environmental claims;
  • responsibility for payment of fines and duties;
  • the costs of investigating the circumstances of an incident, mitigation and legal defense, general average, disposal, fumigation and disinfection of the cargo, completion of the carriage, misdirected and rejected cargo etc.

In addition to standard insurance coverage, we insure: terminal and warehouse operations, including transit and long-term storage, cargo consolidation and deconsolidation, local distribution, loading and unloading operations; operations of a customs broker and customs bonded warehouse; transportation equipment (owned or leased); customer shipments using the online cargo insurance system (combined liability and cargo insurance that provides additional financial benefits to freight forwarders).