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Corporate and financial risks insurance

The activity of each company, regardless of its specialization, size or ownership, is associated with specific risks, both external and internal. Insurance is a tool that allows to control various dangers and eliminate possible losses.

An efficient risk management system, including insurance, provides for financial stability of the company and protects its interests, helps to reduce risks, including operational ones, and also fulfill the requirements of partners, creditors or investors.

We offer solutions for the client’s operational and financial risks, in particular:

  • fraud insurance;
  • insurance of species and valuables (including Fine Art and precious metals/stones/products) during transportation and storage;
  • D&O – liability insurance of directors and managers;
  • various types of professional liability insurance;
  • trade credit insurance;
  • electronic and cybercrime insurance.

We are ready to provide you with the best options for insurance of corporate property, liability, motor insurance and other corporate risks, depending on the profile of your company.